3 Things You Didn’t Know About Mya + How “Ghetto Superstar” Happened

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Mya + How “Ghetto Superstar” Happened

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You know Mya, but did you know she’s the oldest of 3, practices martial arts & loves to ride motorcycles? Our girl Nicky G sat down with the incomparable Mya & talked about how Ghetto Superstar happened with ODB — and even what her favorite memory is with Sway.

Admire Mya’s timeless beauty, below.

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This Is What Went Down at the Reebok Work-Out With Antonique Smith, Hosted By Nicky

This Is What Went Down at the Reebok Work-Out With Antonique Smith, Hosted By Nicky

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Combining good music and fitness, last week we teamed up with Antonique Smith and Reebok for the Industry Workout.

The event took place on Melrose, at the Reebok Crossfit Lab in Los Angeles, and started off with a one-on-one with Antonique and I.

Side note, Antonique played Faith Evans in the Notorious movie, and is currently working on her EP, Love is Everything — aaaand her current single, Hold Up Wait A Minute is catchy and contagious.

Antonique Smith.Reebok 05.24.14-1682

We spoke about staying disciplined with her workouts and keeping her fit body.

“Ladies, do squats!” She encouraged everyone in the room.

Following our chat, was a work-out led by Reebok Cross-fit pros. Take a look at what went down, below.

Photos by Von Jackson.

This is What Happened When We Attended JLo’s Private Brunch

This is What Happened When We Attended JLo’s Private Brunch

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It was 10:30am on a surprisingly traffic-free Friday morning in Malibu, California. The papz hadn’t flocked the Nikita restaurant yet, but employees were rapidly putting together finishing touches for the beautiful brunch that was to be hosted by the incomparable Jennifer Lopez.

Slowly, about 20 taste-makers and influencers trickled in and we were escorted upstairs where we had a breathtaking view of the ocean crashing into the sand and dolphins dancing in the water — forealdoe.

After chit-chatting, taking pics in an awesome photobooth and sippin’ mimosas, we were escorted once more to another room of about 3 round-tables. Big Syphe spun on the turntables while everyone hopped on their phones to tweet about how cool this was and IG their photobooth pics.

Then entered Yennifer Lopes (as my Mother would say). White jeans, a casual loose-fitted baby-pink tee and some gorg pink heels. (Brand? Labels? Dunno, but it was cute).

I walked over with her publicist and introduced myself. First thing we talked about? How amazing she looks after two kids — I have no children, do the unfortunate math. She giggled and said it was hard to get back to her OG weight, but the marathon she did after she gave birth helped tremendously.

Next topic of convo? How does she rock heels on-stage without breaking an ankle or walking like she’s killing spiders ‘cuz her feet hurt so bad?! *Dramatic & desperate emoji face*

Her secret? (drum roll please) — she wears wedges when she doesn’t haaave to wear heels. When she’s on-stage, she uses heels that aren’t as high.

I was happy to learn this, then walked back to my seat and sent a text to my mom.

Now, for the music! She played us 6 songs off her upcoming untitled 10th album, and started off with Emotions, co-written by Chris Brown.

“I’m stronger as a human, and vocally. It’s a stronger Jennifer.” J.Lo says as she introduces the record. “I always write songs about love… Love is something different than I thought it was. I still believe in it more than ever, but I want it in the right way. I think there’s a certain way it’s suppose to be.”


The next song she played us was her follow-up single after I Luh Ya Papi, called First Love.

“I have never let myself get into a box.” Lopez says while describing her next single. “[I believe to] let fans see who you are in the moment, and the music follows.”

Guys — she has a track on her untitled album called Big Booty. Greatness! It’s a fun and happy song that everyone can love produced by Diplo. She told us that the concept was thought of my Chris Brown, but she executed it in a tasteful way. Loves it.

J.Lo then eagerly played us a track that wasn’t even finished yet, called Actin’ Like That — which was recorded days earlier with Roccstar. This one happens to be one of my faves. A strong electrifying anthem for women.

Never Satisfied was next. A slower R&B song, still about love. The flawless woman explained that on her search for songs to get placed on her album, she listened to a CD full of 48 demo songs — this one happened to be one of them.

The last one Jennifer Lopez played for us turned out to be my favorite. A slow ballad, called Let It Be, that showcases the growth in her voice with a message we can all relate to.

“When something is meant for you, it’s meant for you.” JLo tells us with a smile on her face. “I heard this song in a session and asked about it, but someone told me it was written for someone else. Later, Harmony played me some music, and it was the same song I heard earlier! He said he actually wrote it for me. Things that are suppose to come together always do.”

An album worth buying and an experience to never forget.

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Jennifer Lopez on Secret to Success & Exclusive One-on-One With Nicky G

Jennifer Lopez on Secret to Success & Exclusive One-on-One With Nicky G


Jennifer Lopez has been on fire with the recent release of I Luh Ya Papi, the video with French Montana, being a judge on American Idol, and still working on her upcoming 10th album — and our girl Nicky G had an exclusive one-on-one to talk all about it.

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Nicky: You’re an actress, singer, dancer, judge on American Idol. How do you balance all of that?
Jennifer Lopez: I don’t know. I just take it one day at a time. I feel really blessed to do all the things that I do and have all the opportunities that I have. I just try to be professional, show up, and be my best self, and take it one day at a time. I have tons of help, thank God, in my life personal side and in the work side. I have a great team, we take care of each other.

Nicky: Since “I Luh Ya Papi” dropped, I noticed a lot of people on social media tweeting things like, ‘I wonder why JLo used the word ‘Luhh Ya.’ So, why?
Jennifer Lopez: [laughs] You know, it really was the producers. When I got it [the song], it was what it was. I just thought the beat was so hot, and I was like “who produced this?” I just loved the feel of it… and I thought to myself I just wanted to work with whoever did it. Then I found out it was this guy Detail, and he came in and we talked about it. He’s one of these crazy beautiful minds kind-of producer. He was very specific, he was like “it’s not ‘I love you,’ that’s been done a million times. This is a different thing. It was his creation.

It was slangy… and guys talk to girls that way. Like, “you know I luh ya baby,” they don’t say “I love you” unless they really mean it. I wanted to flip the roles on how guys talk to us.

Nicky: The video for “I Luh Ya Papi” reminds me of the female version of Jay Z’s Big Pimpin.
Jennifer Lopez: [Laughs] That’s funny, it is a little bit like that.

Nicky: And a line that really stood out to me was when your girlfriend [in the video] says “why can’t we objectify men?” Then [the video] goes into you guys having fun on a yacht — what kind of advice would you give to women who are still dealing with men who objectify them?
Jennifer Lopez: This it the thing. We have watched this for years, and it has become¬†so normal. When we were on the set of the video, we knew we were doing this and poking fun at it, but it was funny to see how uncomfortable the male models were. Stuff they make us do all the time — it was hilarious to me.

I was like, no, no, no. If this was a girl in a bathing suit right now who was washing this car, we’d be shooting it for an hour and a half. We’d be shooting it over and over again. Slow motion, close up, some over there. You guys just want one take and call it a day? Just because you feel uncomfortable? No, no, no. You get to know how it feels like. Now wash that car! [laughs]

It was in a fun spirit. It was comedic, but still opening up the commentary of think about what you’re doing & what we’ve been doing for years & how it feels.¬†

Nicky: Tell me about the album. When can we expect it, what is it called. I wanna know more about it.
Jennifer Lopez: I have been thinking about the title for so long. This is the first it’s taken me this long… over a year. I’ll usually knock out an album in a few months. This is something that I’ve been taking my time on since I got back from tour last year.

It’s my 10th album, and it’ll be out June 17th. It has yet to be titled because I like to wait for it to be completely mastered before I name it. All I can say is that it’s a real representation of who I am completely, including all the parts of myself. Musically, I’m Pop, I’m Hip Hop, I do ballads, R&B. I was listening to my old albums and I realized, I’m this mid-tempo artist. People think of me as dance or the remix hip-hop videos or Jenny From the Block era. They think of me in those ways, but I have so many ballads and mid-tempos on my album. That’s what I love.

I am silly, I like to dance and shake it. I like getting deep and talking about love. The good and the bad and the ugly about it. That’s who I am, and as an artist, I have to be honest about it. It’s just me. Or even having a big booty [laughs], it’s about being you. This is who I am.

Nicky: Speaking of who you are in the industry, what is your secret to success and longevity? You have been in the game for so long and you’re still at the top of your game.
Jennifer Lopez: Thank you. To be honest, I just feel like you have to be real and honest and you have to keep evolving. You can’t stay in one place, you have to move and grow with the times. Stay current. Stay modern and not get caught up in a moment or a time. Because then, time passes you by. You just have to be in it, you have to be present.

I don’t get caught up in past success or failures. That’s that. What’s happening today? What’s happening in the present? Who am I right now? How honest can I be with that? I think when you stay honest, you stay open. To change, to life, to what’s going on right now, people see that and respond to that, and they say ‘oh shit, she’s right now.’

Yeah. Jennifer Lopez is amazing. Watch her latest video for I Luh Ya Papi below.

Some Ratchet Tunes to Twerk hosted by Nicky G: “Who Do You Love” Mixtape

Some Ratchet Tunes to Twerk hosted by Nicky G: “Who Do You Love” Mixtape

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Looking for some ratchet tunes to work-out to, twerk to, or do the Nae-Nae to? Perfect timing — I’m hosting the Who Do You Love mixtape, by my homies @DJASAP3x,@DJ_J12 and @DJxGIO.

Shake somethin’ below.

Nicky Partners with YouTube for it’s Live #GetCovered Event

Nicky Partners with YouTube for it’s Live #GetCovered Event

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We’re excited to be part of history, in collaboration with YouTube studios, to encourage our peers to “Get Covered” by affordable healthcare — aka, ObamaCare.

A-list celebrities are joining the latest push to get Americans educated and enrolled in Obamacare.

The “Tell a Friend — Get Covered” campaign is teaming up with YouTube to produce a live, six-hour variety show on Thursday, with content from Funny or Die, skits and educational segments meant to inform viewers of their affordable health care options.

The campaign has already confirmed Jennifer Hudson, Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks for appearances in viral videos that will air during the event. A video featuring “Whose Line Is It Anyway” host Aisha Tyler was released Tuesday as part of the campaign to encourage young people to sign up for health care.

View the video above.

The marathon event comes after a Monday enrollment report revealed that young, healthy Americans are seeking coverage at a much lower rate than President Barack Obama’s administration initially projected. According to the report, less than a quarter of the 2.2 million Americans enrolled in Obamacare are between the ages of 18 and 34; the administration expected 38 percent of enrollees to be within that age range.

The general goal is to use entertainment and participatory media to raise awareness and inspire a number of the 35 million Americans now eligible for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act to #GetCovered. For more, go to http://www.tellafriendgetcovered.com/

Tell A Friend – Get Covered
Live Stream Event
Thursday, Jan. 16,12-6 p.m.

Watch the live stream below.

A Gift to You: Presented by Nicky G. & Dream Urban

A Gift to You: Presented by Nicky G. & Dream Urban


We’ve had a great year at the Geezy Headquarters & we couldn’t have done it with out you! So, to show our appreciation, we’re teaming up with the homies at Dream Urban to lace you in some fly gear.

Two people will win the sweet pieces below. All you gotta do is…

  • Comment with your name and email address.
  • Follow @nickygeezy & @DreamUrban on Twitter
  • Tweet: I entered to win @nickygeezy’s gift of fly @DreamUrban gear. http://bit.ly/1hlmvqO #idreamurban

We’ll be announcing 2 winners on Friday, December 20th.


This is What Went Down at Karen Civil’s Live Civil Brunch

This is What Went Down at Karen Civil’s Live Civil Brunch

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Three years ago, Karen Civil launched her annual ‘Live Civil’ brunch with the focus of bringing together an intimate group of dynamic young women who are committed to their craft and dedicated to the progression of women everywhere.

Some of this year’s guests included Roslynn Cobarrubias, Miss Mykie, Karrueche Tran, Melody Thornton, Nicky G., Melissa Keklak, Sarah ViVan, Lola Monroe, and several others. Celebrating each other’s success and sharing stories of growth, these ladies spoke with us about obstacles they’ve overcome, advice to young women emerging in the industry, and the significance of creating more empowering movements that unite instead of perpetuate negative perceptions of women. As the official media partner, REVOLT captured the brunch and spoke with the honored guests.

It was an honor to have been invited for the second year and experience the great energy that was exuded from each woman there.

Shout out to our cameo! Owww!

#MusicTalk: Eric Bellinger Speaks on Writing for Chris Brown, Brandy & Advice from Usher

#MusicTalk: Eric Bellinger Speaks on Writing for Chris Brown, Brandy & Advice from Usher

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We collaborated with our homies at ThisIsRNB.com for this edition of #MusicTalk with singer/songwriter Eric Bellinger. Along with writing for some of your favorite artists like Chris Brown, Brandy, Ne-Yo and more — he finally released his highly anticipated Born II Sing Vol. III (download HERE) — and we were at his ASAP video shoot talk talk some music with the Los Angeles crooner.

Watch above for advice from Usher. Songwriters, take notes and come back tomorrow as he talks about writing Fine China with Chris Brown.


Geezy Exclusive: On the Set of YG’s “Playin” ft. Wiz Khalifa & Young Jeezy

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YG, Young Jeezy and Wiz Khalifa shot the video of Playin’ off the Just Re’d Up 2 mixtape in Beverly Hills this past weekend, and we were on-site with Porterhouse LA to grab some behind the scenes footage. Fly girls, drinks and good music, what else would you need?

Pop the hood to find out what happened behind the scenes.


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