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Birdman speaks on Nicki Minaj retiring from music & Mystikal going back to jail

Nicki Minaj had an internet meltdown, Chief Keef says YMCMB wants to sign him, Drake talks upcoming album, Mystikal going to jail and Weezy falling off? Seems like the Young Money crew has been making headlines in the last 30 days, but Complex clarified what’s really going on by going straight to the boss – Birdman.

See what he has to say about his YMCMB employees, below.

Will you let Nicki Minaj retire from music?
That’s her choice, her decision. I don’t think Nicki is ready to retire. She really just started. I don’t see that in the near future for her at all right now.

Are you going to sign Chief Keef?
I like young boy Chief. I think he’s a great young talent. I sent my hand out to him. We’ll see what happens.

What can we expect from Drake’s next album?
Drake is one of the most talented people I’ve gotten to know in my life. You never know with Drizzy. Drizzy’s such a special talent. You can expect him to be creative and do something that’s never been done. I think Drake is the future of music.

What’s your response to people who say Lil Wayne has fallen off?
We do music for people who appreciate it. That’s all we can do. Keep working hard, keep grinding. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but we do what we do. We sell millions of records. Ain’t nobody ever put up the numbers we put up. That’s one to a million. That don’t really matter matter.

How do you feel about Mystikal going back to jail so soon?
Shit happens, bruh. All I can do and all we can do as a brand is just support him. When a nigga doing time, it’s important that families be there. That’s when you see who means something to you in life, when you down. We gon’ be there with him. We been there before. We know how that go. We do as much music as we can before he go, if he have to go, but besides that, when he come home, it’s right back at it. The same day that concrete touch, the same day we putting out music.

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